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We are not a media agency. We are where brand, content and community collide.

We create content for brands who want to set trends, not follow them. And we help those companies reach niche communities all over the globe.


Language co-produced MU’s 2017 Super Bowl spot, amassing over 1bn impressions across linear, social and digital.

strategy, content creation & distribution, production, casting, activation

x Apple

Turning a traditional fashion show on its head, Language brought tech and fashion together for a very memorable campaign that transcended sales.

strategy, brand development, content creation & distribution & production

The New

The first social network had lost its way, Language helped user growth climb from 8m to 55m in less than 6 months.

marketing & brand strategy, partnerships, business development & creative direction

Ketel One

For a product that’s nearly exclusively purchased by women, Ketel wanted to target the male masses. Language achieved that and then some – growing product sales by a whopping 53% in the first 3 weeks.

strategy, brand development, content creation, production


Language reunited JT with David Fincher to produce the Suit & Tie music video and plan for the two-year world tour – the work won a Grammy and MTV Video Music Award.

strategy, brand development, content creation, production

Summit On
The Summit

Introducing the world to the future of philanthropic marketing, Language invented the first ever brand partnered transmedia platform for a social cause, with billions of impressions and $400m in appropriations.

content, strategy, brand & community


Language created one of the most popular music and youth lifestyle channels on YouTube, with over 300k subscribers and 300m views SKEE TV became its own company boasting an accomplished influencer community.

content, strategy, brand & community


Language started a beta test facility to run motion design and post-production experiments for a number of Apple’s early software and hardware offerings, resulting in streamlined processes for the company.

strategy & production


Language designed and launched a digital marketing campaign for the animated feature (the first of five), creating engaging content, games, geo-caching scavenger hunts, features, music and more.

content creation, production, strategy, brand & community


We created a 30-minute block of curated lifestyle vignettes on the FUSE Network, showcasing a wide range of today’s most influential voices of youth culture, which bagged 50m impressions across linear, social and digital.

production, content, strategy

In the content community world, off-brand offenses are considered especially heinous. In Los Angeles, the dedicated creatives who investigate these vicious blunders are members of an elite squad known as Language Media – these are their stories services.


Creation, distribution and planning – content as an ecosystem that drives multiple lines of revenue.


Design, narrative and guidelines – how your brand lives and breathes, now and far into the future.


Acquisition, engagement and retention – meaningfully connect with your desired target audience, wherever they are in the world.


The big picture as well as the short and long term goals, and the framework to ensure we get where we need to go.


Digital, experiential and consumer promotions – driving action through brand interaction, experiences and engagement.


Film, TV and digital short-form – produce, distribute and market.

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